Our Staff

Our equipment and facility say cutting edge, but it’s our Optical Staff that make our patients feel like guests.

Drawn from a broad base of health and customer focused backgrounds, our team combines an extensive knowledge of the eye and ocular system with a wealth of experience providing excellent health care.  Our Staff members are constantly building on their skills through ongoing optical training, management seminars, and technical certifications, as well as staying up to date on the latest trends in glasses construction and style.  We set the bar high, and it shows itself in the details, such as the careful consideration given to each pair of glasses that makes its way onto the display. 

When asked what drew so many talented individuals to West Halifax Optometry the team members were quick to respond:

  • the opportunity to join a community of professionals with a commitment to actively helping people protect their health;
  • the combination of good-natured humour and dedication demonstrated by a team whose working relationships begin to blur the line between colleagues and family;
  • the chance to expand and develop their roles, working with changing technologies, equipment, and fashions to grow along with the optometry profession.

Staff members enjoy a positive team environment, where input is always being considered and worked into the office routine.  The result is an optometry practice that is responsive and adaptive, always working toward enhancing customer experience and office efficiency across the board.  “This is the best position I’ve ever had,” notes one optician, “it’s the place that I’ve been working toward.”  When you enter our office and talk to our staff, you’ll see what we mean!