Contact Lenses

Healthy eyes get misty at the thought of a poorly fit contact lens.

Poorly suited contact lenses can cause discomfort, distorted vision, swelling, infection, and in some extreme cases, they can do permanent damage to your eye’s sensitive tissue.  Ensuring that the shape, size, and material of your contact lenses are perfectly matched to your specific needs is a key factor in maintaining healthy eyes, which is why our opticians and optical staff at West Halifax Optometry. 

To offer you great contact lenses, our doctors and staff do a lot of things right - here are the big three:

ONE: They use cutting edge optical equipment.  Precision is key.  Measuring the exact size and shape of each eye allows us to ensure your contact lenses will sit and stay in the right place, and that they will have uniform contact with the surface of each cornea.  Documenting these precise measurements allows your optometrist to carefully monitor the progress of your eyes and provide contact lenses that continue to address the specific needs of your changing vision.  We use industry leading instruments so that we can ensure both a comfortable fit, and optimal eye health.

TWO: They listen to you.  We’re people people, so our optometrists and optical staff make recommendations based on what they’ve learned from getting to know you.  Whether you prefer the sharpness of gas permeable contact lenses, the comfort of soft contact lenses, or the ease of daily disposable lenses – we’ll work with you to find the solution that fits your lifestyle and specific visual needs. 

THREE: They stay informed.  Our commitment to healthy vision and professional care drives us, and we take our opportunity to promote and protect your eye health very seriously.  As a result, we stay informed of the most recent technical advancements, innovations in materials, and breakthroughs in optical equipment.  Having excellent training, extensive experience, and a genuine commitment to healthy vision enables us to provide the contact lenses and the treatment counselling your eyes deserve. 

Questions about contacts? Wondering what signs indicate it’s time for a prescription change, or whether you should opt for the daily, weekly or monthly disposables?  Ask our doctors – they love to talk about it!  They’ll make sure you have the knowledge and equipment you need to take care of your individual needs.