Our Equipment

There is something to be said for having the right tools for the job.

At West Halifax Optometry, it’s more than just talk.  With innovative examination equipment and cutting-edge diagnostic technology, we get an in-depth look at the systems that impact your vision and provide you with the best options for protecting your eyes over the long term. 

Our bio microscopes and fundas cameras make use of modern lens advancements and digital recording technologies to document the interior of your eyes with precise detail, allowing us to clearly monitor the workings of your ocular systems.  Using these records, your experienced optician will scan for abnormalities that may signal any one of a wide range of optical conditions.  The records are also used to chart the development of your eyes so that we identify and address any problematic trends early on. 

In the event that your vision is threatened by an optical condition, we work with you to develop management strategies that directly address the issues and provide the best treatment for your specific needs.   Should you require surgery, we make use of advanced corneal topography instruments to produce three dimensional maps of your eyes, allowing us to plan your optical surgery with the precision necessary to ensure success.  We then monitor each step of the healing process as we walk you through to a full recovery.  These same instruments can be used to create contact lenses that conform perfectly to the shape of your eyes so that you can eliminate discomfort and focus once again on your daily life.

Having the best optical instruments available enables us to provide the best care possible.  It also means that we can be certain when we tell you that your eyes are in great shape.