Your New Glasses

"Wow! I can really see well!"

After careful evaluation of your eyes and the demands on your vision, your doctor will make recommendations for a complete vision solution for your work and liesure activities. Taking advantage of newer refractive technologies allows your doctor to refine your glasses prescription to suit your needs.  Specific recommendations for lens designs and materials ensure your new glasses will meet or exceed your expectations. Our opticians and optometric assistants also employ sophisticated automated measuring systems that can analyze the way both eyes synchronize in their movements and link directly with local laboratories to produce truly customized prescription lenses. Our doctors and optical staff evaluate the newest and best lens designs, some of which are only available to select optometric practices equipped to properly prescribe them.

Your clear vision, comfort, and productivity matter at West Halifax Optometry. Your satisfaction in your eye care and eyewear is our top priority. From lens selection and design to the look, comfort, and quality of your frames, the Staff and Doctors of West Halifax Optometry will provide you with the best we (as professionals and caring people) and the optical industry can offer.

You are welcome to tour our unique collection of eyewear any time.  Our opticians and optical staff will be glad to answer any questions or even show you a simulation of how your particular glasses prescription would look in the frames you are interested in..

"You can fix that...?" Ask our optical staff about our comprehensive warranties and the friendly service that backs it all up.